Pine River Pawn Products in Bayfield, CO

At Pine River Pawn, you can find just about anything! We carry a large selection of musical instruments, jewelry, collectibles, and much more.

Electric Guitar


Pine River Pawn buys, sells, and trades musical instruments of all types, including pianos, percussion, string, woodwind, and brass instruments. The instruments you bring in need to be clean and in good working condition. We have new and used musical instruments for sale as well. Major brands include Pure Tone, Yamaha, Casio, Boss, Fender, Gibson, Martin, and others.

We also carry many musical accessories. These include microphones, tuners, pitch pipes, songbooks, music stands, cases, cleaning cloths, brass polish, and more.



Pine River Pawn also have and buy many varieties of jewelry from costume to expensive diamond jewelry. You’ll find necklaces, bracelets, bangles, earrings, anklets, and hair clips in gold, silver, copper, and with precious gemstones. Styles include glam, boho, antique, bold, Native American, calligraphy, and more. Whether you’re looking for a cute necklace for Friday night’s party or a special piece for a prom or wedding, we can find something for you here.


This is where it gets really fun! There is no end to the varied collection of items you’ll find at Pine River Pawn. We have horse tack, including saddles of many styles. Our area is home to a large Native American population, so we have beadwork, feathers, leather, dream catchers, jewelry, blankets, moccasins, Tomahawks, books and videos, music, and other Native American clothing.

And of course, don’t overlook all the collectibles you’ll find at Pine River Pawn. These include figurines, trading cards, coins, candles, model cars, antiques, and themed collectibles from TV shows, movies, sports teams, and celebrities. This is our most unique and ever-changing collection, so be sure to take advantage of a great find. We may also have iconic character collectibles such as the Muppets, Mickey Mouse, Disney movies, dolls, and more.

We sometimes have specialty clothing such as motorcycle gear, riding clothes and conceal carry appeal. Come in and see what’s here – you never know what treasures you’ll find!

Specialty products


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  • Price$795.00
  • Description

    This is one of the nicest saddles we have had in a long Time!!!!

2018 Giant Trance 2


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  • Price$2,195.00

Taylor 714ce

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  • Price$1,795.00
  • Description

    This is a beautiful Guitar with Brand New Pick-ups in it sent from Taylor.


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  • Price$1,695.00
  • Honda is #1 in generator sales for a reason.  There the best and this one is super clean and very low hours…..


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  • Price$1,450.00
  • This effects pedal is the Flagship model for Line 6.  It comes with a custom backpack and all the paperwork you would need.


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  • Price$1,895.00


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  • Price$899.00